Due to violent content reader discretion advised! Hannibal moments are destructive as well as Hannibal himself, so do spoilers…

Hannibal, an art of murder show, psychological thriller television series developed by Bryan Fuller for NBC. If True Detective is the brilliant one, Hannibal would be the stylish one.

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The series is focused on the murders of Hannibal and FBI special investigator Will Graham, based on characters in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. The dynamic and grotesque relationship between Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham has attracted me very much. Every scenes of this “art” show are carefully and highly stylized to the smallest of details.


Hannibal’s character is a very strong sign of discipline. He has a tendencies around aesthetics of fascism. Every meal is prepared carefully and he is like a food artist who works very hard to give them a fascinating look. Hannibal will always have the same effect on me like Pasolini’s Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma. Doesn’t matter who played him; Brian Cox, Anthony Hopkins or Mads Mikkelsen. They all successful about this modern savage killer portrait.

Let’s check out top 5 hannibal season 2 moments…

“This is my design”

5. Beverly Katz’s body (S2E5- Mukozuke)


Director: Michael Rymer

Cinematography: James Hawkinson

Beverly Katz, a forensics specialist from Crawford’s BAU, horrifyingly displayed as a work of art. Her body has been sliced into several lengthwise pieces and put on display. Reminds us Damien Hirst curated the ‘Freeze’ exhibition in 1988. When we saw Beverly Katz’s slices in the individual layers of glass display spieces, it would be one of the terrifying moments in the Hannibal. I lived exactly the same feeling in Tarsem Singh’s “The Cell” with the sliced horse in the King Stargher’s mind. It’s like the wuthering silence.

4.  Colour Palette (S2E2-Sakizuki)


Director: Tim Hunter

Cinematography: James Hawkinson

One of the most brilliant misleads this season was the scene in which one of “colour palette” is being viewed by Hannibal. Color palette of humans sewn together in the eye.

3.  Dead horse giving birth to a dead woman giving birth to a bird… (S2E08- Su-Zakana)

Director: Vincenzo Natali

Cinematography: James Hawkinson

Adapt, Evolve, Become… Speechles moments…A farmer finds one of his horses dead. The body of a woman was discovered inside, found sewn into a horse’s belly. Will reconstructs the scene, and mentions that this was a coffin birth. Hannibal references that the horse was a cocoon like waiting to be transformed. 

2. Mason Verger sliced off pieces of his own flesh

(S2E12- Tobe-wan)

Director: Michael Rymer

Art Director: Melissa Cormier

Verger is a grotesque man who is one of Hannibal’s surviving victims. We can see art forms in his scenes too. When he prepares for the surgery of his sister Margot – we know her from Ginger Snaps and American Mary- Verger and other people surrounds him wearing a red gown, it looks like tribute to David Cronenberg’s amazing film, Dead Ringers. The Mantles, played by Jeremy Irons, wear blood-cardinal-red surgical masks and gowns.

In Hannibal tv series, Verger is irritative as in Gary Oldman’s performance in the movie. Before the final episode of second season he cut off his own skin under the influence of Hannibal, drugged and convinced him to rip off his face and feed it to the Graham’s dogs.

Hannibal - Season 2

1. Every moment of the “Final Episode”


Director: Michael Rymer

Art Director: Melissa Cormier

All good things must come to an end like True Detective season finale. Season 2 Finale is the prestige of Hannibal like bloody magician performs an illusion. Will and Jack prepares for justice to be served by catching Hannibal and his curious recipes. Hannibal’s final episode of season two is a unique journey. If you have yet to watch the season finale, go and watch it right now.

Special Feature of the list

In the first episode of second season, there was a stunning scene and moment,creative and compelling! The hypnotism scene going through into the darkness of Will’s mind. It is the one of my favorite moments…

It is an art!

Honorable Mention

The beloved Manhunter of Michael Mann

When i talk about Hannibal and Red Dragon, I must mention about the Manhunter, a 1986 thriller film based on the same Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon. It is not about the Hannibal, honorable mention is about to the one of the best scenes that gives the identification feeling in the film history. Blind Reba, guided by a veterinarian, reaches out to touch a sedated tiger…

Enjoy the menu

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