The Swiss surrealist and also fantastic realist artist Hans Rudolf (H. R.) Giger, has died aged 74. Giger was a fascinating painter, sculptor and set designer, best known for his the iconic ‘Xenomorph’ alien in Ridley Scott’s science fiction horror “Alien” for which he won a visual effects Oscar Award in 1980. HR Giger designs can be defined as a night terror of a biomechanical mind.


His creations were bizarre, strange dreamscapes by the the influences of his sleep disorder. It is known that Giger described his art style as biomechanical. Giger’s art designs can be found also in the video game Dark Seed, the cover of Debbie Harry’s solo album Koo Koo and several key designs for Poltergeist II.

Let’s check out the top 5 designs of the master of dark art.

In the memory of the great artist…

#5 Species

Giger created a fascinating female creature with erotically charged Sil for Species, directed by  Roger Donaldson. HR Giger designed the other horrific monster.

The design was like the smell of Fritz Lang’s  Metropolis unique beauty and mystery. Natasha Henstridge played Sil in Species the movie.

#4 Korn’s Microphone Stand

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis’ microphone stand was designed by H.R Giger. The stand is used in Korn’s live performances and in their music videos.

This cyber-erotic sculpture designed for Jonathan Davis by the mind of H.R. Giger. You can also clearly see it in Korn’s Alone I Break video.

The stand is beautiful isn’t it?

#3 Lilith

One of my early nicknames in the begining of 2000 was Lilith, inspired by the magnificent work of H.R Giger.

A beauty of biomechanical erotica.


#2 On The 1979-1980 Jodorowsky’s Dune Attempt

In the mid-1970′s director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unsuccessful attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert’s 1965 science fiction novel Dune. He worked with H. R. Giger and Jean Giraud for set and character design but it is said that the project stalled for financial reasons.

The Harkonnen Capo Chair is one of H. R. Giger’s furniture designs for Dune.It is made to resemble a human skeleton.


Dune was realized in 1984 by director David Lynch without Giger. Also Jodorowsky’s Dune is a 2013 American documentary film, directed by Frank Pavich which explores that attempt.

#1 Alien- Xenomorph


Giger designed iconic ‘Xenomorph’ alien in Ridley Scott’s science fiction horror “Alien” for which he won a visual effects Oscar Award in 1980. Also just feel his set design…

The Alien creature was based on a Giger print named Necronom IV. Giger’s most famous book, Necronomicon, published in 1977, served as the visual inspiration for the Alien.

His work was also used in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Giger’s alien is androgynous and disturbing, surrounded by Giger’s biomechanical themes.

Not need to mention about its phallic head.

Once the Guardian writer Toby Young mentioned that  ”Alien, largely due to Giger’s involvement, is a genuine work of art.”

Enjoy the biomechanica

RIP Giger

Aytac Ozge Ondes

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