Covers are not likely good all the time but sometimes cover songs dare to pass beyond the boundaries of the original versions that inspired by.  Some are better than the original ones, some of them respect it quite amazing way. So i decided to do my own list of top 5 cover songs.

It’s a very hard task to choose top 5 cover songs…

Sometimes we all hate the remakes in film verse. It is the same thing in music. But if you choose song carefully, it is a wonderful experience. Let’s do it…

#5 Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah (1994) Cover,

The original Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (1984)

#4 Johnny Cash, Hurt (2002) Cover,

The original Hurt by Nine Inch Nails (1994)

#3 Nine Inch Nails & Bauhaus Twenty Four Hours cover

The original Twenty Four Hours by one and only Joy Division

#2 Saint Etienne, Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1990) Cover

The original Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Neil Young  (1970)

#1 Mazzy Star, Hair and Skin Cover (2009)

The original Hair and Skin by Green on Red (1982)

Your hair and your eyes
I saw them in the night
Your face, your disguise
I felt it in the night
Your cool clammy skin
It could be right beside me
I saw you swimmin over here
You looked so fragile
And don’t you know her eyes were red?
Your hair and your skin
I know my desire
I felt akin
To my desire
Your eyes and your face
I dreamed them in the night
Your hair and your skin
I saw them swimmin over here
And don’t you know you’re life itself?

Enjoy the cover

Aytac Ozge Ondes