Top 5 albums to play at work,  listen at office weekly? What is that noise? There are lots of work songs for labor days. The songs that inspire you at work, the songs for in the mood of work. So i made an office music playlist including music albums for each 5 business days. Remember McNamara & Troy’s listening music rituals while they are making plastic surgery in Nip Tuck. Here is the list of each 5 days albums list and exclusive sounds for getting your work done in this lucky week.

#5 Keep calm and stay strong for Monday!

Bummed by Happy Mondays

Bummed, the second album by British band Happy Mondays, was released in 1988. It is a perfect choice against the monday!

  1. “Country Song”
  2. “Moving in With”
  3. “Mad Cyril”
  4. “Fat Lady Wrestlers”
  5. “Performance”
  6. “Brain Dead”
  7. “Wrote for Luck”
  8. “Bring a Friend”
  9. “Do It Better”
  10. “Lazyitis”

#4 What a Tuesday!

Loveheart by Merz

Fascinating art work released in 2005, just listen!

1. “Postcard From A Dark Star”
2. “Dangerous Heady Love Scheme”
3. “Verily”
4. “My Name Is Sad And At Sea”
5. “Butterfly”
6. “At Night I Dream Your Bedroom’s Crammed With Ducks”
7. “Warm Cigarette Room”
8. “Mentor”
9. “The Leaving Song”
10. “Loveheart”

#3 Wednesday, it is anything can happen day!

Think Tank by Blur

Let’s slow down, we are in the middle. Think Tank is the seventh studio album by the Blur, released in 2003. Listen to a fascinating album that really inspires you at work!

  1. “Ambulance”
  2. “Out of Time”
  3. “Crazy Beat”
  4. “Good Song”
  5. “On the Way to the Club”
  6. “Brothers and Sisters”
  7. “Caravan”
  8. “We’ve Got a File on You”
  9. “Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club”
  10. “Sweet Song”
  11. “Jets”
  12. “Gene by Gene”
  13. “Battery in Your Leg”

#2 Thursday, Sister of Friday!

Revelations by Gene

Revelations, released in 1999 by the band Gene and what a wonderful album for Thursday!

  1. “As Good As It Gets”
  2. “In Love With Love”
  3. “Love Won’t Work”
  4. “The British Disease”
  5. “Fill Her Up”
  6. “Something In The Water”
  7. “Mayday”
  8. “Angel”
  9. “The Looker”
  10. “Little Child”
  11. “Stop”
  12. “The Police Will Never Find You”
  13. “You’ll Never Walk Again”

#1 Thank God It’s Friday!

Pretty in Black by The Raveonettes

Pretty in Black, released in 2005, the second album by The Raveonettes. It’s not John Hughes Pretty in Pink, it’s not the exact Pretty in Black. It is Pretty in Friday! Prepare yourself for the night!

1. “The Heavens”
2. “Seductress of Bums”
3. “Love in a Trashcan”
4. “Sleepwalking”
5. “Uncertain Times”
6. “My Boyfriend’s Back”
7. “Here Comes Mary”
8. “Red Tan”
9. “Twilight”
10. “Somewhere in Texas”
11. “You Say You Lie”
12. “Ode to L.A.”
13. “If I Was Young”

Enjoy the playlist!

Aytac Ozge Ondes

Visual, credit by Soren Solkaer Starbird