HTRK (formerly Hate Rock Trio) is an noise rock, no wave, electronic, shoegaze band that formed in 2003 as the duo of Nigel Yang and Sean Stewart, the band soon welcomed vocalist Jonnine Standish before self-releasing their debut EP, Nostalgia. HTRK released several albums & EP’s such as: Nostalgia (2005), HTRK (2006), HA Panties (Live) (2008), Marry Me Tonight (2009), Work Work Work (2011), Eat Yr Heart Sweetheart (2011), Tropic Of Cancer – Part Time Punks Radio Sessions (2012), Poison (Mika Vainio Remix) (2013). Listen to one of their records and you’ll find an endless dream. Jonnine Standish, Nigel Yang and RIP Sean Stewart… Here is my top 5 HTRK songs list.

#5 Synthetik from Work (Work, Work)

“Your love is so successful, it’s perfect, it’s synthetik Your love is so successful,

it’s perfect, it’s synthetik…”

#4 Skinny from Work (Work, Work)

“Whatcha think about dub step, don’t stop, what you think about…”

#3 Fascinator from Work (Work, Work)

“We could fake it if I met you in a different shitty place. I could fake it.

Fascinator Oh oh I could make it…”

#2 Rentboy from Marry Me Tonight

“I watched you over and over again…”

#1 Kiss Before The Fall from Marry Me Tonight

“We have a good time, didn’t we…”

Enjoy HTRK

Aytac Ozge Ondes