The Cure, you will always on my mind… The Cure is an English band formed in 1976. The band with a talented mr Robert Smith, being the only constant member. Here is the top 5 the cure albums list, what a wonderful band.

5. Bloodflowers

(I know, know the cure fans may not like this choice, but it is special to me)

4. Wish (1992)

3. Faith (1981)

2. Disintegration (1989)

1. Pornography (1982)

and Top Five Records Are:

5. The Same Deep Water As You

4. A Strange Day

3. The Figurehead

2. The Big Hand

1. This Twilight Garden

and how i forget the background of my life.

It’s not in this list but it is from out of this world…

“All the faces all the voices blur, change to one face, change to one voice. Prepare yourself for bed, the light seems bright and glares on white walls. All the sounds of Charlotte sometimes. Into the night with Charlotte sometimes. Night after night she lay alone in bed, her eyes so open to the dark, the streets all looked so strange, they seemed so far away but Charlotte did not cry. People seemed so close playing expressionless games, people seemed so close so many other names. Sometimes I’m dreaming while the other people dance, sometimes I’m dreaming Charlotte sometimes. Sometimes I’m dreaming expressionless the trance. Sometimes I’m dreaming so many different names. Sometimes I’m dreaming the sounds all stay the same. Sometimes I’m dreaming she hopes to open shadowed eyes on a different world. Come to me scared princess Charlotte sometimes on that bleak track. See the sun is gone again, the tears were pouring down her face, she was crying and crying for a girl who died so many years before. Sometimes I dream where all the other people dance. Sometimes I dream Charlotte sometimes. Sometimes I dream the sounds all stay the same. Sometimes I’m dreaming so many different names. Sometimes I dream, sometimes I dream Charlotte sometimes crying for herself. Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself but it’s always been love, so much love it looks like everything else of Charlotte sometimes, so far away glass sealed and pretty, Charlotte sometimes.”

Enjoy the cure…

Aytac Ozge Ondes