All we do is make up then break up… Break-up is sometimes painful. This represents the loss, not just the relationship, but also of shared moments, dreams and commitments. For many people, this marks a painful phase of a break-up. It is after all, a part of life. Sometimes you can write the book of false starts. I have the break up you need. Here is the top 5 break up songs list as 5 stages of death:

5. The Cure- Apart / Denial & Isolation

The first stage is denial. When discovering that break up is coming, people refuse to accept it.

4. The Smiths- Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Love Me / Anger

The second stage is anger. Why me? Why now? Why Is This Happening To Me… Again?!

3. Tindersticks- Can We Start Again? / Bargaining

The third stage is bargaining. Try to make a deal with your ex devil…

2. Elvis Costello- I Want You / Depression

The fourth stage is depression. Lost in division…

1. Slowdive- 40 Days / Acceptance

The fifth and final stage is acceptance. After the denial, anger, bargaining, and depression have passed, finally you will accept the unbelievable truth.

And you have to stay out of Pearl Jam’s Black otherwise you may never over a break up.

Have a nice break-ups…

Aytac Ozge Ondes