American Horror Story is a horror television series  on FX, created by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk.  There are so many soundtrack songs behind the TV show American Horror Story. But what about the top 5 American Horror Story songs list? Songs give different atmospheres to it’s scenes…

Itis an anthology series, each season is set as a miniseries. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk started to work on American Horror Story before their famous series “Glee” began. Glee’s main theme is music but in this case, songs made a different effect on American Horror Story show.

The first season, titled “American Horror Story: Murder House”, it’s story takes place in the haunted house. The second season, titled “American Horror Story: Asylum”, is set in mental institution with its sanity atmosphere. The third season, titled “American Horror Story: Coven” is set around the witchcraft and minorities. American Horror Story: Coven left clues for season 4 which will be set around “Freak Show” within circus theme which sounds an exciting endless creepiness. 

American Horror Story, such an amazing tv series but not with scenes only!

Let’s hear some nice sounds from all seasons so far…

5. Tainted Love from Hannah Peel

4. Kissing Cousins- Don’t Look Back

3. Stars I The Sun by Lights On

2. Asylum’s Creepy Dominique Song

1. Lala Lala Song by James Levine from Coven

Enjoy AHS.

Aytac Ozge Ondes

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